Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


I went to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art the other day and I’m really not gonna pretend I know anything about art at all.. I’m the kind of girl who is only amused when you can actually participate or touch the art and luckily there were some great installations!

The above picture was made in the light installation by Yayoi Kusama. You stand in a little platform floating on water, while being surrounded by mirrors and lights. Pretttyyyyyy…

Louisiana is definitely a MUST see when you are in Copenhagen, it is about 30 minutes by train from the central station – but it is so worth the travelling. You can fill your belly after seeing the exhibitions with some Danish pastries and they have an AWESOME Danish Design shop where you can easily spend an hour too!

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2 thoughts on “Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

  1. Lin

    Wow! Is that installation there all the time or for a short period of time? I really want to visit copenhagen one day.