Madklubben – Vesterbro 62

I’m always in for some nice affordable dinner in Copenhagen.. Unfortunately, living in the city center and living in Copenhagen in general means: EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE and even a quick dinner often ends up quite dyrt!

Madklubben is a nice counterpart of this! All their dishes have fixed prices, so you will pay 100 kroner (13 euro) for 1 course, 150 for 2, 200 for 3 and 250 for 4. But ofcourse, for all the “good” stuff (a.k.a. steak..) they charge a little surplus.. But nonetheless, for Copenhagen it is still pretty cheap.. They have a mixture of french and traditional Danish food.

They opened a new restaurant in Frederiksberg which I tried out last week. And while I loved the concept and the food before when I tried it at Store Kongensgade, it didn’t conquered my heart this time. The atmosphere is great, however it is really packed, there is only a 50 cm gap to your neighbors table. But this I knew and in general I don’t think it’s a big problem. What I do think what was a major turn off, was that the food didn’t really pleased me. The tartar was slightly too salthy, the mussels came in too small of a quantity.. I just didn’t fall in love with the food..

But, I would still recommend this place since it’s a affordable place to go with some friends and besides the neighbors sitting practically on your lap it has a great atmosphere!

With love,

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