Master of Science in Finance & Investments

After 7 LONG years, I finally graduated!!! I feel extremely mixed about it, on the one hand I am ready to begin (or it actually already began) this new live with a nice job, some real money and just “the next thing”. But on the other hand, I loved going clubbing on thursday (the student night in the Netherlands), waking up whenever I wanted to (or at least decide whenever you want what you’ll do..), being a student in general was pretty awesome!

Now I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science degree in Finance & Investments. This study enabled me to live in Singapore, Helsinki and Copenhagen. I want to say I learned a shit load, but I probably all forgot it the day after the exam (I know you’ve been there).

I got to know some of my best friends during my years at university, I got to learn a whole lot about business and finance, and I got to know a whole lot about myself – and isn’t that in the end the reason why people study?!

But guess I’ll be a fresh new student soon again! From the 2nd week of April I will start a Danish language course, luckily I made it to the second level (there are six levels in total, one level takes 12 weeks – do your math..)! So this whole homework liberty will only be for some days before diehard studying starts again!

With love,

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