Mentos Singapore National Day Proposal to Finland



This YouTube clip is ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY hilarious to me. While studying I have both lived in Singapore and Finland. During my time in Singapore I explored the field of Finance with a 6 month internship, this was my first time being alone abroad and I had the time of my life. After I graduated my bachelor degree in Business Administration, I decided to start a master degree in Finance & Investments. During this time I also developed my interest in Scandinavia and that’s why I did a 6 month exchange in Helsinki.

Seeing this video clip makes me reminiscing these two, totally different, periods of my life that Mentos portrayed in the most humorous way ever. In Singapore I learned a lot about myself and about being alone (and how much I enjoy having dinner alone), about living in an apartment without AC even though there’s a humidity level of close to 100% and about how easy it can be to make friends (even life-long friends, hi Steph!) if you really want to. Helsinki is my diamond in the rough: here I learned how it is to live in a place where it’s dark all the time combined with minus 30, how much I enjoy the sauna and how much I appreciate Scandinavian design.

I hope she says “yes”.

With love,

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