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You haven’t read about my running progress in a while on the blog, primarily because there was no progress and I definitely have enjoyed the Summer in other ways than sporting. Shame on me. So when my friend Simona asked me to join her for the “Midnattsloppet” in Stockholm, I enthusiastically answered with a “YES!” only to remember myself that it had been 2 months since my last 10K run, or any run for that matter.

So I signed up for a 5K run with the local running club as preperation, which was one big disaster. I honestly never had a run that bad! I ran too fast, I ran too slow, I ran everything except my own pace to end up with a HORRIBLE time. A time so close to what it takes for normal people to WALK 5K… (37 minutes…). So when I flew to Stockholm 1.5 week ago, I didn’t really knew what to expect from my body, but only decided to run in my own pace, even if it was really slow so at least I would enjoy it a bit more.


I arrived in the city (Stockholm is a nice mix between Helsinki and Copenhagen), ate a plate of pasta and met up with my friend. To realize that we were running a bit late (story of my life), but somehow still managed to make it in time. I kinda missed the memo that there would be around 35.000 people running this race, with a whole bunch of supporters along the track too. And I tell you, running with 35.000 people is more than amazing! When we arrived in the 3rd start block, there were people dancing in the line, music was being played and everybody was in such a good spirit. The sky was pitch black, there were people dressed up, and there was amusement every where. I misjudged Stockholm’s hills, which were heavy, but what an amazing run it was. There were so many supporters and even though I’m slow like a granny, I was always running in a big group of people (yes, sometimes I’m the one running all alone in the back and that sucks).


I think it was the toughest run I have ever ran, because of all the hills (about 10, okay perhaps there were only 5, but it felt like 10) but they definitely made up for it with the great atmosphere, entertainment, amazing views during the run and amazing organization. Got you interested? They still have some runs upcoming in Helsinki and Malmö!

With love,

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4 thoughts on “Midnattsloppet Stockholm

  1. Dutchie in Sweden

    hey! wat leuk! ik heb jouw blog een tijdje geleden gevonden en ik woon in Stockholm! sommige posts zijn erg herkenbaar ; ) Hoe vind je het emigreren naar kopenhagen inmiddels? Na een jaar zweden ontdek ik nog elke dag nieuwe dingen, en is m`n zweeds nog steeds niet vloeiend!

    1. Janet Post author

      Het emigreren zelf heb ik altijd geweldig gevonden, alle kleine dingetjes ernaast (nieuwe vrienden, de taal, het eten…) daar heb ik het af en toe weleens lastig mee gehad. Maar ik betrapte mezelf er vanochtend op dat ik een Deens tijdschrift lezen opeens nu uit verveling doe (ipv het Nederlandse nieuws te gaan lezen op m’n telefoon..). Stapje dichterbij 😀

      1. Dutchie in Sweden

        Ah vet! Ik begin het zweeds ook steeds beter te verstaan, alleen het praten valt nog zwaar tegen, haha. En het deens hoorde ik in Lund en Malmo veel, man, wat een taal! ik vind het echt heel knap als je dat kan praten en verstaan!! Hoe was de tjejmilen?
        Kan me echt zo relateren aan je post over work-life abroad. Zit nu dus ook in de positie van underqualified werk, but I’ll keep up the good spirits :)

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