Mini Quiche with Spinach and Bacon

I actually never really liked quiche (I thought it was too eggie..) but when I had a package of butter dough left over in the fridge (and wasn’t really planning to make a sweet pie for dinner) I decided to give it a try and I actually really loved it!

– 1 package of filo (or butter) dough
– 250 ml cream (heavy or light, whatever suits you)
– 4 eggs
– peper and salt
– 1 charlot onion and 2 cloves carlic
– bacon
– vegetables (I used some leftover mushrooms and leek)
– spinach
– grated cheese

Muffin tray

1. Preheat the oven on 180 degrees
2. Cut the vegetables, onion and garlic in small pieces.
3. Put the bacon in a medium hot pan untill they got a nice color, add the onion and garlic to finish with the vegetables. Keep it in the pan for about 3 minutes.
4. Mix the eggs with the cream and some peper and salt.
5. Cut the dough in little squares (about 10 x 10) and put them in a buttered muffin tray.
6. Put some spinach and the bacon/veggies mix on the dough.
7. Top it with a bit of cheese and fill the tray up with the egg/cream mix.
8. Place this in the oven for 35 minutes, it’s ready to serve!

With love,

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