Most liveable city: Copenhagen


Watch the video here, unfortunately the video is not embeddable :(

Copenhagen has been voted as most liveable city. To be honest, I’m a bit tired of all those ranking, Denmark has been ranked #1 in pretty much everything: happiest nation, least corrupt, most expensive groceries and of course the Eurosong Festival. But to me these rankings don’t really mean that much, I can still be a sad panda when it’s raining for a week even while living in the happiest country in the world.

However, Monocle’s movie strikes another point that I completely agree with: Copenhagen ís liveable. All public spaces are really for everybody to enjoy. There are many clean parks all around the city, some of them are fancy (Kongens Have), some of them have a harbour pool (Islands Brygge) and some of them have a view of elefants (Frederiksberg Have). There are many well maintained basket- and football courts and I’ve even seen an outdoor trampoline close to Nyhavn. In the multi-culti neighborhood Nørrebro there’s a whole square (Røde Plads) dedicated to living together with different cultures. It seems to be so easy for every organisation to apply for permits to organize cool, fun events all over the city and especially during the Summer there are many free events and parties to go to. I

While living here might be crazy expensive, the city definitely makes up for it with all its great and free facilities and activities!

With love,

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