Music: Daley

I hope that you haven’t crossed into any black cats today (and if you did, you didn’t die since you are reading my blog)..

My sister suggested Daley to me the other day and I got to say she hit the jackpot with him! He’s able to capture that 90s R&B flow (the one that Usher apparently didn’t find, since his new album is a piece of crap) and he does it soo effortless. You can download his mixtape on his website and it sounds darn good, I hope that he can capture this vibe on his first real album.

I often feel that artist have a hard time transforming their original (mixtape) sound into something profitable/commercial (Theophilius London anyone?!). You can complain and argue how they shouldn’t become commercial, but also them need to feed themselves right? But it is about holding on to that feeling that got you more commercial to begin with and not to choose the easy (euro pop/house) way out..

Best part about this? He is coming to Copenhagen! The 20th of September he will perform at Ideal Bar (I like it that they booked him for such a cosy venue) next to Vega and tickets only cost 115 kroner! You can buy your tickets HERE

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