Music: The xx – Angels

High expectation can be a curse or a gift.. The xx’ debut album, is one of my all time favorites. Even when I listen to it now, almost 3 years after the release I fall in love again with the music and life.

So when Jamie xx announced that they were working on their new album I felt both joy and already per definition some kind of disappointment. Their first album was so good, could they ever top something like that?! And to be honest, their new song it has to grow on me… I like it, but I haven’t fallen in love with it – I won’t just state because it’s by The xx that it is pure eargasm. BUT at the same time, I didn’t fell in love with their debut album overnight either. It took a lot of cuddling on the couch, eyes closed and listing to the music before I appreciated their debut as much as I do now..

I just hope, that they somehow were able to hold on to that where the magic began without repeating themselves. Are you exciting for their new album?

With love,

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