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When I was biking around in Vesterbro the other day I found the biggest surprise since I have moved to Denmark. I saw a door with big red letters where they had all kinds of familiar dishes on it, when I looked closer I found out: it’s a fucking Singaporean restaurant!!!!! I honestly am soooo excited that I found this place, being half Singaporean food is pretty much my religion. Growing up with a Singaporean dad there was always a lot of Singaporean food in the house: laksa, chilly crab, chicken rice.. I think my dad made the food primarily for himself to feel less homesick (if he ever felt homesick.. perhaps he was just hungry) and luckily I was there to enjoy it too! This kind of food makes me feel home where ever I am – even when I actually lived in Singapore eating Laksa made me feel like being home..

So immediately when I came home after my bikeride (not true, after seeing Denmark lose from Portugal) I googled this place called nam nam (to be honest, the name could have been picked out better..) and found out that this place is co-owned by Claus Meyer – owner of the world best restaurant Noma (!!!) and a Danish/Singaporean couple who used to have a restaurant called Nams Kusine in Dragør (to be honest I have no idea where that is) but which they unfortunately had to close down in 2005. Mr. Meyer was so crazy about their food that he promised himself that if he could ever find the strength, he would offer Michael and Tin to reopen their restaurant in an updated version in Copenhagen City. And luckily that day was 24th of May!!!

I honestly can not wait to eat here and I hope with all my heart that I won’t be disappointed. To be continued…

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