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I have been lurking NARS’ Orgasm for years, even swatched it sometimes when I was abroad, but never actually bought it. It has a light golden shimmer in it and I actually hate everything glittery on my cheeks. But since the entire blogosphere seems to go bananas about this blush since the history of internet, I decided to give it a try when I had the opportunity. So when my sister and my brother-from-another-mother went to London for some days I asked them to buy it together with the bronzer Laguna.

I’m not sure what it is, but receiving or buying new make-up is honestly one of the most enchanting moments in life.. The sight that untouched piece of heaven, YUM! So these two products have been hyped till the fullest and you always risk the chance of totally getting disappointed. And to be fair, the first time I used it (in the middle of the night, getting ready to go out) I actually got a bit disappointed, Orgasm didn’t really got picked up by my brush and Laguna seemed to be to light… Often after an experience like that, my make-up mistakes just end up in my drawer. But luckily I gave them another shot the day after and I actually liked them pretty good in daylight usage!

Orgasm is an easy every day blush: it blends easy and it has the right amount of pigmentation, it is a peachy pink colour with gold shimmers – which luckily are not overwhelming. It tends to stain a little bit easier than my Sensai holy grail, but it still keeps it place pretty much all day. Laguna is a matt bronzer which is perfect for contouring and just give your face that pinch of life back that you lost after sleeping 12 hours.. Bronzers for me often tend to be a pitfall: it either brings back that “umph” or it just looks like I rolled in mud.. Laguna is luckily rather easy to blend and releases the right amount of pigmentation to build up with (better save than sorry is definitely my motto with bronzer), so you can’t really do that much wrong! I love the fact that there is no awkward brush somewhere hidden in the package, NARS just made it into the most efficient flat packaging and honestly who uses the brushes that comes with make-up?!

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