New In: Sensai Cheek Blush

So a couple of weeks ago, I wrote how I hit pan on my favorite blush. So after weeks of looking at it’s beauty in full glory at Sephora and doubting whether or not to buy it (since it was 40 euro/200 dkk), I finally rebought it again when I was in the Netherlands.

Sensai’s Cheek Blush (CH05 SOHI) honestly has been one of my holy grails for years. It has just the perfect level of pigmentation, it doesn’t move during the day and most important to me it doesn’t stripes or stains. Especially in the Summer, when my skin tends to be a bit more oily I find it important that a sudden kiss by the boyfriend (which are more than welcome) doesn’t leaves a “hole” in my blushed cheek. So with buying this blush, I didn’t only make myself happy – I made the boyfriend happy (this is as much of an argument as saying “it is an investment in myself”).

With love,

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