New Layout, New Inspiration


The last couple of months this blog has been bleeding slowly to death, my camera has been laying around the apartment without seeing any day-light and my mind has been on a non-blog state. But I miss blogging. I miss writing down what I experience, I miss seeing writing opportunities in all the fun stuff around me, I miss having a legit reason to make pictures of my food (without looking too Asian), I miss being more active in the blogger community (I still read all you blogs though), I miss getting feedback on my blogs from all of you and in general I miss trying to get this blog to the next level.


There were multiple reasons why I lost interest in blogging. As said before, I detested the previous theme, but with help from Glenn from Some Quality Meat the theme is a lot more “me” now. There is still a lot I want to change, but at least there’s a start and I don’t hate it so much anymore that it makes me not wanna write. Another thing that has been daunting me is my written language on the blog. While I do think (or at least hope) that I’m fluent in English, it will always be my second language. I think I would be better in writing my personal opinions and experiences in my mother tongue Dutch. But having lived abroad for the better part of the last 4 years, having made a lot of friends from all over the globe, I feel that I would either loose a lot of readers OR I wouldn’t be able to communicate things that are especially interesting for those who are living in Copenhagen. I’m still not completely sure what to do with the language, but for now I will just continue writing in English.


Besides that, everything is all cool. These round balls are called “æbleskiver” and it’s a mixture between the Dutch “poffertjes” and “oliebollen”. I wasn’t really fond of it previous years, but they definitely grow on me.

Are you ready for Christmas?

With love,

6 thoughts on “New Layout, New Inspiration

  1. Anne

    Je blog is mooi zo! Ik herken het issue van de taal waarin je moet bloggen wel. Zelf kies ik voor het Nederlands omdat ik dan toch beter nuance aan kan brengen. Volgens mij is jouw Engels wel prima genoeg om er in te blijven bloggen, plus je spreekt een groter publiek aan en wellicht ook al je buitenlandse vrienden :) dat is ook veel waard. Have fun in Nederland! Ik blijf dit jaar in Berlijn voor kerst en oud&nieuw, weer eens wat anders dan voorgaande jaren :)

    1. Janet Post author

      Jaa blijf het een moeilijke beslissing vinden Nederlands of Engels, maar ach, het hoeft ook niet direct worden besloten. Leuk dat je NYE in Berlijn viert! Wij gaan naar Brussel, dus dat wordt ook weer wat anders 😀

  2. Natasja

    I <3 your header! Heel mooi, en leuk dat je weer online bent! Misschien kunnen jouw hardloopverhalen mijn running flow weer aanwakkeren :')

    1. Janet Post author

      Dank je wel! En laat me weten als het hardlopen weer de goede kant uit gaat!