Nike Marathon Start Up

So with way too much confidence I started on the Nike Marathon Start Up yesterday. I had no idea if I could do it and in addition I hadn’t really ran in a week or 2. My knee started to act up like an old woman every time I walk down the staircase (and honestly I don’t “believe” in injuries.. I ain’t got no time for that..), so I took a bit of rest before getting a x-ray (which I will get tomorrow).

But okay, so yesterday 09:30 sharp I started with the marathon start up. After my last 10K run I actually felt quite okay, so I felt quite confident in signing up for the 15K. But the biggest judgement error I made was that the Friløbet has a pretty awesome route! The halfway point is through an amusement park and you kinda have no other option after that then finishing.

The Nike Marathon Start Up, however, has an awfully boring route through Fælledparken, where one round is 5K and I was really struggling! I have this love/hate relationship with the mental game of running and the route in Fælledparken has a lot of turns and twist where you run on one side (for example on 3K), where the other runners are passing on the other side of the road (on for example 4K) where you continously feel like “so-close-yet-so-far-away”. I was struggling the most with running the same route, where you actually have the option to stop before your goal. So when I was close to the 10K and I got overtaken by those who were running 15K in 4 minute something, I decided it was enough.

I finished with a time of 1:09:12, where I finished 1:08:29 last time. I was actually (besides the not finishing the 15K) okay with this result, since I walked a couple of times (where I only ran with the Friløbet). I already signed up again for the Nike Marathontest (call me crazy), where you run a 10, 15 and 21,1K run every month from February til April.

With love,

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