Nikoi Island – Heaven on Earth

When my friend S. told me she went to this little island called Nikoi and described how amazing her stay was I knew I HAD to go there too. Nikoi is a 15 hectare private island 8km off the east coast of Bintan, Indonesia and located less than 85km from Singapore. After some sessions of persuading the boyfriend, he finally gave in to going there – even though it would cut a major part out of our budget and means more travelling around Asia (while our main goal was just to relax).

But I sure did enjoyed our stay there! It has been, BY FAR, the prettiest place I have ever been to in my life! It has about 20 private villa’s and OH MY GOD how pretty where they! We had outdoor showers, a private part of the beach incl. a gazebo where we got massages and the soothing sound of the ocean to fall asleep to.

“It is ringed with white sandy beaches and coral reefs of spectacular colour and diversity and a coastline studded with magnificent white granite boulders that seemingly defy gravity. Rising to a height of 30m, the island also boasts a rain forest where colossal trees, including native Banyan trees, provide a sanctuary to a diverse population of local birds.”

Everyday the excellent chefs made us an amazing breakfast, wonderful lunch and a to die for dinner all in traditional Indonesian style! Unfortunately I forgot my SD card today, but I really wanted to share this place with you today. So I stole some pictures of their website to show you guys! I will post some of my own pictures tomorrow 😀

With love,

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