Note to Myself: Don’t Drink Before a Race

Hey beauties!

The weather has been absolutely stunning the last 3 weeks here, but unfortunately this weekend rain has reached Copenhagen again. I had friends over from the Netherlands every weekend for the last month and also this weekend we had good company to enjoy the city with.


So when we heard about Havana Club’s Mojitto Embassy we decided to take a look and the concept was absolutely amazing! The entire venue was filled with limes and mint and for 35 kroner (5 euro, which is really really cheap for Danish standards) you could get their signature drink. There was live salsa music and while my Asian hips can’t really compete with the Cubans’, it was fun to be surrounded by.

It was insanely hot inside, so sorry for the shiny forehead 😀 After already having had a bottle of wine with dinner and some mojito’s I realized that the 10K ladies would be a hard one the day after…


And it was definitely not my best runs, especially since it has been around a month since I had my running shoes on. Even though the weather has been amazing for running, I kinda lost my running spark (or in other words: I got really really lazy and have been mostly hanging in the park). I ran the 10K in 1 hour an 10 minutes, which is by far my worst result. But I’m still happy that after our “wild” Cuban night, I managed to get up and finish the run instead of staying in!


The run was organized by Sparta and sponsored by Nike (yay to free t-shirts) and at the finish line there was a whole area with running related stands. So besides the usual sportsbra and running clothing there was also food and drinks. Not only was there a micro brewery (Mikkeler), there was also a butcher who heated up the barbecue and served this AMAZING organic beef steak with potato salad. If I had known that earlier, I would have definitely achieved a PR 😉

With love,

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