Only in Copenhagen – Part 2

Copenhagen’s city bikes are like a fairy-tail. You’ve heard from them, you might have seen them on pictures but you don’t really know if they exist in real life since nobody has seen them with their own eyes. The city bikes have been a major tourist attraction since 1995: for 20 DKK or 2 EUR you can get a bike at one of the parking spots (which are located all over the city close to all major attractions) and when you return them you get your money back again.

So this all sounds great, doesn’t it?! A free bike for everyone to use in the daytime (since they don’t have lamps) in the city centre to bike around like a real Dane.. But honestly, for the year that I have been coming to Copenhagen before moving here I have seen a city bike once – at a lost bike rack close to Kongens Have. In my opinion, this system doesn’t works because unlike systems in e.g. Paris where you use your credit card to get a bike (for a small amount, but they charge heavily when you don’t return the bike) the system in Denmark creates hardly any incentives to return the bike (that 20 DKK doesn’t even buys you a beer). This is also the reason why the bikes rather seem to disappear into the lakes than to be used by tourist.

But it nice to see that Copenhagen’s commune still believes in this project! For the 2012 season they filled up the racks again and while enjoying the great weather on Saturday I actually saw several bikes in racks and being used! If they would only have a better English website

With love,

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