Umami – St. Kongensgade 59

Source: Martin

Sometimes you pass one of those restaurant and all you can do is look through the window filled with cravings. Japanese restaurant Umami has been one of those for me. They define their food as “Japanese cuisine with a French touch”, which obviously sounds attractive enough for me!

While I have been in there once to have a Passion cocktail, which was – despite the price – honestly the best cocktail I have had in my life, I had never been there to eat. So when the opportunity arose to go there with a birthday party, I might have been the first to RSVP..

We went there on a Monday, which was a rather quiet night, but the restaurant has a great atmosphere even when it is not packed with people. We all got the Omakase menu and to be fair I don’t really read a menu. Life is like a box filled with chocolates, right?! But the food was great! Eventhough, I should make a mental not to say to the waiter that I am not a big fan of lamb (I dont know why, but the boyfriend says that lamb tastes too much like farm..). And their wine was even better! There I often eat sushi/Japanese in the lamest places, I never really tried it with good wine. But Umami’s sommelier managed to do a pretty darn good job! Below some pictures of the almost too pretty food..

Probably the coolest thing they did was using a fresh wasabi root! I’ve never really seen this before and just assumed that Wasabi should have been this powder based substance. I was never more wrong before! The fresh wasabi is a lot more intense and strong in taste, me like..

All in all it was a great experience and Umami is definitely a recommandation for its cocktails! Go on now and fancy yourself a Ginger Passion drink. TO. DIE. FOR.

With love,

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