Ringsted Outlet

I sure love me some good ol’ bargains!! So last Sunday, after a night of craziness at Distortion (and sleeping until 14..) the boyfriend and I decided to go to Ringsted Outlet in Ringsted (duh…). It’s about an hour ride away from Copenhagen (both by train as car, lucky me – we had a car). Since we came there around 16.00 and everything closed at 17.00 there was not much time to shop. BUT, I succeeded with what I came for. I bought these two Nike running shorts (because yes, everything I do is just another excuse to buy clothing or shoes..) for a mere 170 DKK (a little more than 20 EUR) together!

But besides the Nike store (I am so loyal to this brand, it almost gets scary. I own one pair of sneakers that is not made by Nike…) I haven’t seen much of the other stores: a quick look into a kitchen supply store, Calvin Klein Lingerie, Samsøe & Samsøe to end up in McDonalds (why god why, do you always crave McDonalds when you see it. Like water in the mouth kind of craving, but as soon as you had one bite you already wish you just ate something that’s not just empty air with a nice dressing on top..). And to be fair, this outlet does not has a lot more to offer..

I’m in between not and do recommending this place: it’s nice if you just want to score some rather cheap sport outfits but don’t expect more. I want to go back to buy myself a wok (born Asian right..), but I definitely am not in a hurry to go there again!

With love,

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