Running Goals 2014


After running the half marathon in March, I never completely got the running bug back. I did some short but amazing run, but always felt like I was missing a new goal.

But lately it starts to itch again, working for the worlds coolest sport brand I am now surrounded by some amazing inspirational and motivational people who all run. So when the semi-paris registration opened I have been going back and forth between signing up right NOW and its-not-the-money-wisest-thing-to-do. Going for Paris from Copenhagen with the bf would just cost a lot and with 2 weddings abroad in 2014 the piggy bank needs to gain some weight. So my 2nd option was to run the CPC again in the Hague. Cool in my hometown but I really wanted to run something new.

Somehow I completely missed out that Copenhagen is hosting the world championship half marathon in March! All the tickets for Danish contestants are already sold out, but luckily one of my co-workers can hook me up. So guys and girls, hereby my new running goal: in 2014 I will run another half marathon at least 30 minutes faster than my 2013 result!

For all my international readers: there are still 5000 tickets available for you! It promises to be a once in a lifetime event with all the top runners and it would be lovely to meet you there 😉

With love,

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