Running Update

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After running half a marathon I kinda went all crazy with the couch potato lifestyle (shame on me) and used the “but I ran 21.1K” excuses for way too long. So I decided to lift my ass up from the couch again, started doing Crossfit again (and directly being punished by having no arm-muscles anymore) and got my running shoes back from the Netherlands (I even just let those stay there for 2 weeks after the marathon because I knew I wasn’t going to use them anyways).

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For me personally it is quite hard to motivate myself when there is no clear goal to work towards, while I don’t know if I would run a half marathon any time soon (perhaps the half marathon in September?) I did signed up for some shorter 10K runs. I signed up for the Mini city run which will be the 2nd of May and the Nike ladiesrun in Copenhagen which will be organized the 16th of June.

What are your personal short-term fitness goals?

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6 thoughts on “Running Update

    1. Janet Post author

      A marathon seems to be one step to far at this moment.. Perhaps another half marathon at the end of the Sommer!