For those who have been following me for while know how excited I have been for the opening for Sephora. And today it was finally there, after a short morning at the office and a dreadful afternoon studying danish I could finally bike over to Illum and I definitely wasn’t disappointed!

Illum’s Sephora is big, bright and amazing! They had all the brands I expected (except for Urban Decay, but to compensate they seemed to bought in all the NAKED 2 pallets they could find..), but also a lot of Scandinavian’s natural make up brands! And best of all: everything was still tidy and untouched! It was a frenzy for the freebies they were giving out, but I was more busy with testing everything that was there to test. Since today is the first and last day that was possible..

Here some pictures of my new favorite place in Copenhagen…

With love,

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