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I have this fascination for everything beauty and make-up especially. But the weird thing is to, to be fair, I pretty much wear my go-to makeup (mineral powder, blush, brow powder, and shitloads of mascara) 365 days a year.. But I still LOVE LOVE LOVE to buy make-up and I absolutely feel intensely glade when I just look at my makeup stash.

Here in Copenhagen they definitely like their organic make-up and while I don’t perse want parabenen and mineral oils in my make-up I also don’t really actively pursuit into finding that “green” holy grail. But next to that, event hough that Danish girls are not known for wearing a lot of make up, they have a LOT more brands than we have in normal stores in the Netherlands.

When moving to Denmark one thing that I really missed and looked forward to when travelling back to Holland, is Sephora. Even though in my opinion the knowledge most of the employees in the Dutch stores could be better (asin: after asking what a certain moisturizer would do, the salesperson would read out loud what the package stated.. Ya really think I didnt just do that myself?!) I just LOVE to swatch everything they have (on my hand that is, not on my face, you know there is poopies on that right?) and dream about buying them all… To put them all neatly into my stash.. To look at it..

So you can just imagine how I felt two days ago, after strolling through the city with the boyfriend when we passed Illum (the biggest departure store in Copenhagen I reckon) and I saw a rather familiar black and white striped pattern on their walls. Could it be? YES, it could fucking be! Sephora is coming to Denmark!!!! I literally released a little scream and grabbed onto the boyfriend to stay vertical! I unfortunately can’t find an actual openingsdate (but already start stalking the Illum facebook), but since they are quite far with the remodeling of the ground floor I expect I can go swatch myself some make up poopies, CANT WAIT!!

Sephora at Illum: Østergade 52, 1001 København K

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Sephora in Copenhagen – Illum

  1. m

    i came across your site while googling sephora in denmark. i’m from the states so i know the awesomeness that is sephora and have been waiting for two years for something to pop up here in denmark and the day has come!

    nice site btw

  2. Janet Post author

    Hej M! Thanks for your message! I’m soooo excited for Sephora to open here!! AARGHHH!!