Sephora Opening in Field’s

Last Wednesday Sephora opened their 2nd store in Denmark and of course I dropped by to check it out! Where I expected Field’s Shoppingcenter to be the most depressing place (a.k.a. a mall) in the history of Danish mankind it was actually an a-okay place. Ofcourse you shouldn’t expect anything close to an inspiring atmosphere, but it’s light and there are some shops that are actually cool (oil & vinegar, build-a-bear, etc).

But Field’s Sephora is a cute little location of about 300 m2. They sell pretty much all the brands that are sold in the Illum shop too, but for the more limited perfumes you just have to go downtown! They also sell my favorite make-up brands Make-Up Forever and Benefit and even some eye shadow pallets from Urban Decay..

In general, I would say that I like Illum’s Sephora better – size matters! They just sell a bit more an there’s more space. But I’m definitely standing behind the motto “the more the merrier” and I hope dat Sephora’s initiatives to conquer the Northern European market also means that we will see more other brands in the shop (the entire Urban Decay collection, Clarisonic, Philosophy, etc).

With love,

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