Spring is coming…

And in Denmark that means I almost don’t have to wear my winter coat and gloves anymore (of course everyday that I actually thought I don’t have to wear them it ended to be 5 degrees..). The prospect of listening to some new music, having drinks outside (and in Copenhagen that means bring your own bottle of wine and booz up EVERYWHERE you want – no police that tells you its illegal to drink on a pavement and to top it all, there are so many free festivals during the summer!) is fucking exciting!

The weather over here has been pretty amazing, solen skinner seems to be more the norm these days! Even though, after facebook stalking my friends that back in NL it has been “terrasjesweer” (weather to have a glas of vino outside), I definitely hope that day will come soon here too!.

But for now some crazy nice spring tunes, song that I have been listening over and over again last spring and summer!

With love,

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