Story of My Life…

About 3 months ago I started studying Danish, and even though it consumes a lot of my times, I haven’t really written anything about it here.. After an intake test I was lucky enough to be able to skip the first module (which pretty much is demanding you to be a cow and say “Jeg hedder Janet og jeg kommer fra Holland” for 6 weeks). So after spending 12 more weeks, 4 days a week, 3.5 hours a day, I finished the 2nd module and now I’m finally halfway at module 3. Yes, there are actually 6 module’s before my fluency in Danish is official…

The weird thing about learning a new language is, is that you ALWAYS underestimate how hard it is.. The first time I came to Denmark I honestly thought I would be able, on basis of my Dutch language skills, to learn Danish within a year on my own. Well that’s a big friggin NO to past-me..

I am at a point where on good days I seem to understand pretty much everything (or everybody has just a crazy intense body language and I am able to read that..), I am able to interact (more or less) with the people I encounter (ergo: supermarket clerk) and I can understand tv. But on bad days, days when I’m tired (only just because I go to work, school and crossfit on a daily basis.. There definitely should be a law for more than 24 hours in a day) I don’t understand a dog’s fart! And thats frustrating!!

Denmark might be one of the easiest countries to survive in on the sole base of English. But speaking English here, does per definition means that you are putting up a barrier and are not able to fully integrate. I didn’t just move to Denmark to survive this place, I moved to be part of it.. So while I detest going to the Danish language school on pretty much a daily basis, I am determined to learn this rød grød med flode language, the things you do for love

With love,

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