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I found my new holy grail! MAKE UP FOR EVER released their latest addition to the AQUA range: AQUA ROUGE and it is awesome! It’s a liquid lipstick that is applied in two steps: an intense and vibrant color and a gloss coating, which results in an incredibly long-wearing lipstick.

Step 1: The liquid lipstick melts onto the lips and leaves intense, extremely high-coverage and matte color.
Step 2: The top coat delivers a vinyl finish and acts like a shield that protects the color. It also provides the lips with a feeling of comfort.

Doesn’t it looks like I have a lazy eye on this picture?!

Okay, so I got this one yesterday and oh my, it sure it long-wearing, think: lunch, 2L of water, some kisses and even a bit of Crossfit! I got the nr 9, which is somewhere between red and bordeaux in and I love it! The problem with lipstick for me is often, that I already glides of my face the moment I leave my apartment. But this definitely sticks around for a bit, without any touch-ups!

Excuse my iPhone for the crappy quality, but I just wanted to show you guys how long-wear this is! I made this picture 8 hours after applying the AQUA ROUGE and that’s a pretty solid achievement in my opinion! So guys, if you’re searching for a Christmas gift for your girlfriend and you’re fed-up with kissing of her lipstick (or worse: end up with glitters on your face…), this is definitely a recommendation!!!

With love,

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