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New In: Becksöndergaard & Marc By Marc Jacobs


This cutie pie by Marc Jacobs has already been wrapped around my iPhone for the last month. I’m not really a pink-girly-girl but when I saw this one, I fell in love instantly: how much cuteness can I handle?


I love sample sales, who doesn’t wants to by new stuff for a bargain? I headed over to the Becksöndergaard sample sale the other day and I knew they would have some nice goodies! I bought this little pouch, which comes with a leather strap for around your neck. I think it will be great for in the summer, when I don’t wanna bring my entire bag but only my iPhone and some money. This one costs 100 dkk (13 euro).



Lately I have been (attempting to) networking a bit and I always end up with a couple of business cards, which I awkwardly dump in my black-hole bag (once it disappears in there, it may never see daylight again). So I bought this little card holder to respectfully order all those cards, but I guess it will also be great when I go out and only wanna bring my credit card! This also only costed 100 dkk.

With love,

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Sample Sale: Stine Goya & Becksöndergaard and Stella Nova

YAAAY, sample sale season is on! Last week I scored a 5preview jeans for a mere 250 dkk at the Agency V stock sale (heaps and heaps of Monki stuff was offered too!) and this week there will be 2 stock sales worth going to!

Tuesday and Wednesday there will be a Becksöndergaard and Stella Nova stock sale at St. Kannike Stræde 19. Becksöndergaard has some darn cute leather bags and purses in their collection and I hope to score an every-day bag!

In addition, Thursday, Friday and Saturday will there be a Stine Goya sale. Stine Goya is on of my favorite Danish brands and if the bank account allows me I hope to find a nice coat or anything that will prepare me for winter!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I went to crossfit on Saturday and Sunday (omg, is that grown-up life – working out instead of boozing up?!) and explored the city a bit with the boyfriend’s new car (I will post some pictures of it later)!

With love,

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