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Outfit of the Day

Image (1)
Hat – H&M // Necklace – Zara // Dress – Topshop // Jacket – Zara // Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Fashion Week is over so I thought it would be appropriate to put an outfit of the day picture. I don’t really do this too often, for starters i live by my sneakers+jeans uniform and in addition I still think it’s a bit awkward to just stand there in the freezcold without a coat, put on a blogger post and force somebody to make pictures of you..

I haven’t been as active this fashion week compared to last season, I’ve only visited 2 shows and an after party. But the best part about it (haha obviously besides the clothing, make-up and pretty girls) is definitely the open bars 😉 I’m looking forward to the next fashion week here, when it’s summer and you actually see more of the street style outfits than a lot of people in jackets and fur!

Note to myself: use your DSLR instead of your iPhone!!!

With love,

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2012 Flashback

photo (1)I know these kinds of blogs should be actually written in 2012 and not two weeks into the new year. But 2012 was a dynamic year and I feel like I owe it to those 365 days, to sit down and reflect on it…

It has been a crazy year, with loads of ups and some downs. I would be a liar if I’d say that my life is only sugar, spice and everything nice. One of the cons of blogging, in my opinion, is that we create this perfect world with cool pictures and extravagant experiences. But I also have my days that I just miss to hang out with my parents and that I hate everything Danish (especially the cheese…). But I guess that wouldn’t really be blog-worty, would it…

Luckily, most of my days are on a much lighter note than that 😎 And luckily for me, my parents are only a skype-call away! While putting these picture together, I realized how much has happend and changed over the last year. I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for me!

I started the year with nothing more than financial results. The first couple of weeks, I literary made 60 hours a week in the library to finish that godforsaken thesis. But all things come to an end and on the 20th of March, after seven long years, I finally graduated as Master of Science in Finance & Investments.

The best thing about graduating? Treating yourself to something goooood! So straight after graduating the boyfriend and I travelled to Southeast Asia and spend a good month on the beach in the sun! We travelled to Singapore to visit some friends and family, went to a beyond imagination island called Nikoi, to finish the trip in Bali.


So good things didn’t even ended there! After our trip, I finally moved to Denmark. The whole long-distance thing sounds cute, but it’s a bastard in disguise. You start hating Skype and the being in a plane every week! I started a new job and a new education. A major part of 2012 has been about learning Danish. I’ve always been interested in other languages, but I’m actually not really talented in it, I guess I’m more a numbers gawl. So the whole learning Danish has been a rollercoaster, with ups and downs. But 6 more months and I’m a certified Danish speaker 😎

Over the summer I experienced Copenhagen during it’s best. With a lot of chilling in parks (with wine!) …

and free festivals!

And of course the great views!

One of my favorite periods of the year was definitely Distortion, with a street party every day for a week in every district of Copenhagen! It’s a great way to see more of Copenhagen and to feel the real Copenhagen vibe!

Besides the free street parties, there are also paid for after parties. While it’s not really Copenhagen style to pay for party tickets (youngsters prefer to go to bars), I thought it was really worth the ticket!

Somersby might be the best thing about Copenhagen. It is an alcoholic cider drink, rather sweet, but without the “Breezer” stigma! My favorite flavour is the ginger-lemon version!

Can you spot the Somersby? This was at another (free) festival, Stella Polaris, I love the Copenhagen commune for subsidizing so many music festivals in the city!

Another free festival in the fall, where they rolled down a grass mat to chill on in one of the most busiest shopping streets!

IMG_0225 Aahhh, I miss wearing skirts!

Copenhagen Fashion Week! I visited several shows and honestly, I think I’m more interested in the make-up than the actual clothing…

Even though I moved to Copenhagen, I travelled back to the Netherlands about every other month! Especially during the summer it was nice to spend some time with friends and family in the sun, with a glass of Rose!

Also during the summer I coloured my hair ombre. I’m doubting between colouring it ombre again or just go back to my natural darker color.

This was also the first year that I really gave running a try, here I’m together with my sister at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

photo (6)
And here I am at my first 10K run in Copenhagen at the end of the Summer. It went through the prettiest amusement park Tivoli, so it was an easy run to finish!

IMG_3102 My parents also came to visit me in Copenhagen! It’s weird though, to have your parents as “guests” over! But luckily Copenhagen is a great city to show people..

And the day my parents left, my sister came to visit me together with her best friend! Luckily, she loved the city so I expect a whole lot a more of here next Summer!

I went to Sweden to see the city of Malmo. I’m not completely sure what I think about the city, it is only 30 minutes away from Copenhagen, so close enough for some fresh air. But I’m not sure if it has anything to offer that I can’t find here.

photo (1)
And another 10K run in October!

One of the most hilarious celebrations in Denmark: the release of a special christmas beer!

In December, the boyfriend and me drove to Hamburg and I loved the city! I can’t wait to go back there a bit more and see more districts!

IMG_0598As last, I went to see the XX in concert.

Puha, that was my year in a nutshell! I’m so thankful for all the people I’ve met, all the friendships that have proven that distance doesn’t matter and all the experiences I gained. How was your year?

With love,

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CPH Fashion Week: Stine Goya SS13

Stine Goya’s show was my absolute favorite, everything made sense: the clothing, the hair and the make-up. Everything was just over the top!! The collection was bright, colorful and creative and it makes me already long for next Spring bc the Summer so far has been nothing more than a early Fall…

As you know I am more a make-up girl and Stine Goya delivered: I loved the hair and make-up! Poofy hair and glitters were all over the place.. My favorite item was definitely the long light blue trench coat, so I can’t wait until that one hits the stores! I love the SS shows, it is as if you’re skipping winter and just go to Spring again (after this crapy Danish Summer).

PS. Sorry for the crappy first couple of pictures. I’m definitely still in the learning curve of making good runway (or in general all kinds of..) pictures. So if you have any tips, hit the comments!

With love,

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CPH Fashion Week: Wackerhaus SS13

After waiting for an hour, the Wackerhaus finally started. But it was definitely worth the wait! The collection was strong, flowy, and feminine. I loved how they put such a feminine collection, but with the Danish touch: not many items where tight fitted and sometimes even had hint of masculinity. Both with black and pastel kind of colors.

But the best part: the make-up and hair where great! The models had somewhat of a gel helmet: so untill the earline, the hair was wet and flat but with a clear line between the wet and dry part. In addition, the models had strong bronzer (L’oreal’s Glam Bronze La Terra) on their cheeks and eyeliner (L’oreal’s Super Liner Gel Intenza) on their eyes!

I will put the pictures (100 year belated in the bloggingsphere) of my favorite show (Stine Goya) online tomorrow!

With love,

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CPH Fashion Week: Stylein SS13

The first show I saw was Stylein’s and to be honest I wasn’t really thaaat impressed. It was not really my style and I’m in general am more interested in the make-up than the actual clothing. But the models just had some smokey winged eyes… However, it was great that there was pretty much no waiting time before the show and the free Sommersby weren’t a bad thing either 😉

With love,

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