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Our Copenhagen Home


Besides some pictures from when I just moved to Copenhagen in 2012 (here and here) I never showed you guys where I live with the boyfriend. I think it’s quite nice to see how other people/bloggers live, to get some inspiration and new ideas. Growing up in Holland my parents didn’t really cared that much about interior design, but living in Copenhagen, you kinda get forced into the “hype”. It really is nothing like a hype, Danish design really is part of Danish culture and everybody on all different layers of the social ladder find it important to invest in some nice furniture that will last for generations.

We currently live in a 3 room apartment in the city centre in an old warehouse that has been renovated. I love that our kitchen is the heart of the apartment, which makes it a great place to talk with the boyfriend while making food (although I usually watch a serie, while he’s finishing up work). We received a lot of the boyfriend parents’ (and grandmother’s) old furniture, which creates a nice mixture of modern and traditional. The staircase goes to a little loft where we have some couches, a fatboy and our tv, but to be honest we don’t go there too often since it’s only 1.5 meter high so it’s a pain to walk around. But it’s great for Sunday-Chilldays! Besides our bedroom (where you can find a little hint to our crazy time in Rotterdam) we have a little extra room that we use as office, but it also functions as  our drying/ironing/shoe-depot/guest room.








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Running Goals 2014


After running the half marathon in March, I never completely got the running bug back. I did some short but amazing run, but always felt like I was missing a new goal.

But lately it starts to itch again, working for the worlds coolest sport brand I am now surrounded by some amazing inspirational and motivational people who all run. So when the semi-paris registration opened I have been going back and forth between signing up right NOW and its-not-the-money-wisest-thing-to-do. Going for Paris from Copenhagen with the bf would just cost a lot and with 2 weddings abroad in 2014 the piggy bank needs to gain some weight. So my 2nd option was to run the CPC again in the Hague. Cool in my hometown but I really wanted to run something new.

Somehow I completely missed out that Copenhagen is hosting the world championship half marathon in March! All the tickets for Danish contestants are already sold out, but luckily one of my co-workers can hook me up. So guys and girls, hereby my new running goal: in 2014 I will run another half marathon at least 30 minutes faster than my 2013 result!

For all my international readers: there are still 5000 tickets available for you! It promises to be a once in a lifetime event with all the top runners and it would be lovely to meet you there 😉

With love,

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Ida Davidsen – Store Kongensgade 70


The draft-box is filled with pictures without stories of amazing restaurants that I have been visiting over the last couple of months. I do appreciate my eating out way too much, if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen hard proof of that.


These pictures, even though there are only a couple, have been waiting a while for some additional words. Ida Davidson is known for her traditional Smørrebrød and I have passed by her restaurant a good bunch of times, without ever going in. Somehow the restaurant is not really appealing from the outside and on top of that, they are closed in the weekend. However, when my sister and brother from another mother were in town I wanted to show them some traditional food.


And we all LOVED the food, the place is nothing fancy. It sure is cosy, but it is a place where you go for the food. Under this pile of heavenly steak tartar is a piece of rybread hidden and all the ingredient are fresh and tasty. When you enter the restaurant, you’re being welcomed by a whole counter filled with different kinds of smørrebrød (which thinking of it, I should have made a picture of).


I honestly get hungry again from seeing these pictures. Ida Davidson is a great recommendation if you want to try some traditional Danish food, only minor critique is that the place is pretty expensive. The dishes are somewhere between 10 and 20 euro’s, so with a big group (or your lover) it can be an expensive lunch! However, when in Rome, do as the Romans do…

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Tip for Dutch Foodies


For all the (Dutch) foodies out there: there’s a great issue this month of the Dutch version of Jamie magazine with a special city guide of Copenhagen. I actually like most of the restaurants mentioned in it and some of them I didn’t even knew yet! On top of all that, the pictures are amazing!



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Most liveable city: Copenhagen


Watch the video here, unfortunately the video is not embeddable :(

Copenhagen has been voted as most liveable city. To be honest, I’m a bit tired of all those ranking, Denmark has been ranked #1 in pretty much everything: happiest nation, least corrupt, most expensive groceries and of course the Eurosong Festival. But to me these rankings don’t really mean that much, I can still be a sad panda when it’s raining for a week even while living in the happiest country in the world.

However, Monocle’s movie strikes another point that I completely agree with: Copenhagen ís liveable. All public spaces are really for everybody to enjoy. There are many clean parks all around the city, some of them are fancy (Kongens Have), some of them have a harbour pool (Islands Brygge) and some of them have a view of elefants (Frederiksberg Have). There are many well maintained basket- and football courts and I’ve even seen an outdoor trampoline close to Nyhavn. In the multi-culti neighborhood Nørrebro there’s a whole square (Røde Plads) dedicated to living together with different cultures. It seems to be so easy for every organisation to apply for permits to organize cool, fun events all over the city and especially during the Summer there are many free events and parties to go to. I

While living here might be crazy expensive, the city definitely makes up for it with all its great and free facilities and activities!

With love,

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