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Cock’s & Cows – Gammel Strand 44


Cock’s & Cows is one of those restaurants that I have passed many times and always wanted to try, but never actually did! I walked in there one day with a friend, to walk out again disappointed, since there was a 1-hour (!) queue for a table. It always seems to be crazy crowded and during the summer (and even during the spring and fall) there are always heaps of people eating outside and the burgers looked YUM!

So last Friday I happened to be downtown, and hoped and prayed for a free table. Since it was 22.15, I kinda expected that the restaurant would be close to empty… But even at that time there was a 20 minute queue for a table! But luckily they have great cocktails to make the waiting more comfortable.

The restaurant is located in a basement and is not too big. The size actually makes the place quite cosy, but watch out for loud people during the weekend (and with loud people, i mean drunk Danes)! The burgers are extremely affordable for Danish standards: for around 100 kr (13 euro’s) you get a 180 gr. of patty heaven! The burgers are juicy, fresh and come in 8 different kinds. I could highly recommend the Cheese ‘n Smoke (bacon and cheddar FTW!). The boyfriend ordered “The Governator” and it was pretty much double everything: double patty, double bacon, double cheddar – and this one is definitely only recommended for the heavy weights!

For a mere 70 kr (about 10 euro) you can order yourself a cocktail with that burger and I’d say for Copenhagen, that is pretty affordable. Great tip: if you book a table after 21:00 with the comment that you want a “late night booking”, they will double up on your cocktails! Cock’s & Cows is open untill 24:00 on weekdays and untill 02:00 during the weekend, so enough time to enjoy the cocktails after some well deserved burgers!

With love,

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