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CPC Loop Half Marathon


I did it! I ran half a marathon! And to be honest, I have no idea if I would do it ever again: it was PURE terror! I can put on a happy face and tell you it was all sugar, spice and everything nice. But it was not.. I actually thought I did quite a bit of training, I ran about 100K in the first 2 months of 2013, which is more than I ever did. But it was definitely not enough preparation for 21.1K..

The first 3K were pretty O.K., it was cold, hella cold, but everybody had such a positive energy. But after the 3K, i had to pee like a madmen (how I wished that I was just a man and could just pee in a bush), so after 6K I finally found a toilet and went in for a nr 1. This is definitely something I shouldn’t have done, after I was done I lost all my momentum and the energetic group of people. I ran a lot alone (which meant: no one to shelter behind) and I swear at some point I think I saw the car that was following the last person. So I just starting running faster and faster and until 15K everything was fine enough, I tried to find some running partners and screamed to myself (in my head, not as a crazy person out loud) to not start walking (which I didn’t do for the entire run).

I knew that from 16K, we would run over the beach boulevard and beforehand I always thought: when I’m at the boulevard it’s gonna be easy breezy, 6 more kilometres. But my god, what was I wrong. It was extremely cold on the boulevard (even with some snow), the run was a steep rise and the last 5K everything just started to hurt from my hips to my feet. Normally I can “fake” my tempo the last 2K by running harder than my usual speed, but these last 2K were incredible hard for me. Over and over again I asked myself, why do I keep signing up for these things?


But then I saw my family and friends, screaming and jumping and I knew: I made it! The elementary-school fatty ran half a marathon! I got my medal and while trying to walk back to my loved ones, my legs definitely didn’t do what I wanted them to do anymore. But so what? I ran 21.1K!


Thanks everybody for cheering for me! It must have been crazy cold for y’all, but you guys were definitely why I made it!


Congratulations to all the others that ran a 5K, 10K or half a marathon! Now I’m gonna eat as many easter chocolat eggs as possible! See you next year (perhaps)!

With love,

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CPC Loop Den Haag

As you might know, The Hague is my “homecity”: I was born there and I spend a good part of my life there. I love the laid-back attitude of the city, the beautiful architecture (or perhaps the fact that I know the city like the back of my hand), the cool restaurants and shops, and pretty much every thing else.

So every year there is a “City Pier City” marathon and I have seen it many years, while working there for the local broadcasting company. I have never ever EVER put a moment of thought into participating myself. I was always a supporter and definitely never a runner.

But after a horrible boring run last Sunday, I know now that it is really important for me to run from A to Z on an exciting route. And while I love living in Copenhagen, I do miss “my” city from time to time. So, as always, I quite spontaneously decided just to sign up for the CPC loop half marathon!

It has a great route that starts in the inner city and with a half-way point on the beach boulevard (so with a great view over the North sea), there are about 35.000 runners and you know what the coolest thing is about this run? There are about 150.000 supporters!! It is a real city thing and entire families go out to cheer the runners through it!

The registration opened 3 days ago, so just sign up for it. You still have enough time to train for this, even if you have no running experience at all (you have 128 days to be exact!). I have no idea how to finish it, but you kinda have no option when you start to just run/walk to the finish.. I will try to be a bit more consistent in training for it and as always will blog about my journey to the finish 😉

With love,

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