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CPC Loop Den Haag

As you might know, The Hague is my “homecity”: I was born there and I spend a good part of my life there. I love the laid-back attitude of the city, the beautiful architecture (or perhaps the fact that I know the city like the back of my hand), the cool restaurants and shops, and pretty much every thing else.

So every year there is a “City Pier City” marathon and I have seen it many years, while working there for the local broadcasting company. I have never ever EVER put a moment of thought into participating myself. I was always a supporter and definitely never a runner.

But after a horrible boring run last Sunday, I know now that it is really important for me to run from A to Z on an exciting route. And while I love living in Copenhagen, I do miss “my” city from time to time. So, as always, I quite spontaneously decided just to sign up for the CPC loop half marathon!

It has a great route that starts in the inner city and with a half-way point on the beach boulevard (so with a great view over the North sea), there are about 35.000 runners and you know what the coolest thing is about this run? There are about 150.000 supporters!! It is a real city thing and entire families go out to cheer the runners through it!

The registration opened 3 days ago, so just sign up for it. You still have enough time to train for this, even if you have no running experience at all (you have 128 days to be exact!). I have no idea how to finish it, but you kinda have no option when you start to just run/walk to the finish.. I will try to be a bit more consistent in training for it and as always will blog about my journey to the finish 😉

With love,

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Oh, oh Den Haag – Mooie Stad Achter de Duinen…

This morning I went to the 7 o’clock Crossfit class at Butcher’s Lab, so I can chill and enjoy the sun after work later today. When I was just about to leave again, I found this beauty standing with all its charm next to my bike. I sadly wished I had a criminal master-mind somewhere hiding inside of me and just bring this bike with me, but no – more than making a picture I didn’t do…

But how amazing is this Den Haag bike! I really wonder how it ended up here in Copenhagen and I kinda really really really want to have it!

With love,

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