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Denmark Roadtrip Day 2 & 3 – Aarhus & Odense


Our second day we spend exploring Aarhus, the city was a lot cuter than expected. But also a lot colder! Darn you Scandinavian weather :(. Even though most of the shops are the same as in Copenhagen, I couldn’t resist do to a bit of shopping to start the day with.



We went to the cutest cafe ever for a little break. Stardust Cafe combines best of both world: it is a cute small cafe where you also can find a large LP collection. So while I enjoyed my cup of tea, the boyfriend enjoyed browsing through al the LPs. Definite recommendation if you ever hit Aarhus!






After our little break, we decided to go to ARoS, museum of modern art. This is an insanely big museum, I believe they had 8 floors filled with contemporary art. But the best part was the “Your Rainbow Panorama” exhibition. It’s a 150 metres walkway, which is located 3.5 metres above the museum’s roof (and thus 7 floors above ground level). As a museum dummie, I thought that ARoS was quite easy approachable, with a lot of relatable art.







Our first night, we slept at Hotel Royal, which was located right in the middle of the city center. We normally don’t really go for the traditional barok style hotels, but I can get used to sleeping in a 3 room suite. So thanks again Ford 😉


Driving to Odense, we definitely didn’t have the great sunshine weather from the first day anymore!


The second night, we slept at Grand Hotel, which was also located right in the city. Normally, I never go for the hotel dinner because honestly who ever has good experiences with it? But Grand hotel really surprised me, everything from the supplementary cocktail to the dinner was great!



The rental bike system in Odense is definitely better compared to the one in


All the houses in Odense looked so cute and adorable!


We ended our trip with a visit to the H.C. Andersen museum. His life was pretty tragic and filled with heaps of unanswered (gay) love.

All by all, this was an amazing trip and it really made me more curious to other cities Danmark has to offer. Next on my to visit list:

  • Skagen
  • Møns Klint
  • Legoland

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Denmark Roadtrip Day 1 – Aarhus


Thanks to Ford Danmark I had the opportunity to see a bit more of Denmark. I have been living here now for about a year and besides Sjælland I haven’t seen much of the country yet. So it was time for us to go on a roadtrip and experience a bit more of Jutland and Fyn (there are about 400 islands in Denmark, Sjælland, Jutland and Fyn are the most populated)!


We started our trip in Copenhagen and went for a 1.5 hour drive to Sjællands Odde, from here we took a ferie to Aarhus. When you live in the city you tend to forget how beautiful nature can be and when coming from the Netherlands it’s funny to see how many small hills there are in the Danish landscape.


When we arrived, we dumped our stuff in the hotel and went for a quick dinner, drank some wine to continue to the popstage VoxHall.



Here we saw VETO. I didn’t knew the band beforehand, but I think it’s always cosy to just listen to some new music. Here is also where I thought that Jutlanders are a lot nicer than people from Copenhagen. But perhaps this is just a capital city thing, where people don’t really have the time to show courtesy and be polite.




How funny is this? On our walk back to the hotel we bumbed into a little gallery where these pieces where hanging.

So this was our first night in Aarhus, I will post some more later about our second day in Jutland and a short visit to Fyn!

With love,
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Tillykke med fødselsdagen Margrethe!

While the Dutch get pretty wasted to celebrate the Queen’s birthday (the former queen to be precise) and have a lot of outdoor festivals, beer, and people – a little version of Distortion you might say. The Danes have a different way to honor their queen: a more traditional and sophisticated way..

While in the Netherlands we would have bought our 5th beer, this is what they do in Copenhagen around noon:

After changing of the guards, Queen Margrethe II and her closest family step out onto the balcony of the palace, to be greeted with loud cheers. After a while, they move back inside, while the traditional call from the crowd sings out – “Margrethe, Margrethe, kom nu frem, ellers går vi aldrig hjem” (“Margrethe, Margrethe, come on out, or we will never go home”). This usually makes the royal family appear two or three times more.

So somehow, they found another occasion to sing! I integrated pretty well on most parts of living here: I bike like a madman, order fisk in the club and got used to the short opening hours. HOWEVER, the fact that Danes try to have a singing part in all their traditions makes my eyebrows frown..

Find the 10 differences..

With love,

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