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Disclosure Concert


Besides Daley I went to another concert by British band, Disclosure. I didn’t really had any expectation, I’m always a bit in a dubio when going to an electronic concert since it’s hard to interact with an audience behind a keyboard. But the two lads (who are also brothers) were amazing live and there was even a surprise performance by Jessie Ware.

With love,

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Music: Disclosure

The first song I have posted a little while ago by Disclosure and they just released a new song.

It is like Disclosure is in my mind, if I was a producer (which I’m obviously not..), and I would make the perfect summer song it would be pretty much like this.. I always find it hard when people ask me about the music I like, which label should you place on it?! But what’s better than examples, right?

Go fancy yourself a look on their facebook and stalk them untill they will play in Copenhagen!

With love,

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