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Hello 2014!


When reading my Hello 2013! post, I was kinda “ashamed” that I posted that one on the 6th of February.. So this year, it got even worse, the 17th of February. I might write my Hello 2015 in 2016…

But even though we started this year a full 1.5 month ago, I still want to write down my goals for the year. There are not too many of them and most of them are pretty random, but hopefully at the end of this year I can check them all of.

  • Be funny in Danish: in 2013 I was able to check of “being fluent in Danish”, but besides being fluent I want to top that up with actually being funny. This goes, as you can imagine, heaps beyond than only the actual linguistic skills.
  • Eat at a Michelin restaurant: I hope that I win the lotto in 2014, so I can go make a reservation and eat at Noma.
  • Travel: with a trip to Amsterdam and Stockholm in the first month of the year and Manchester, Croatia, Curacao on the planning I know that this will be a delightful year filled with travels. But, I still hope I can squeeze a trip to Paris and London in somewhere!
  • Run a marathon: I hope I’m not gonna regret this 😉
  • Finish Harry Potter: I already had this one on my list last year, finished 2.5 book so I know I will have some entertainment for the rest of the year.

I hope you guys are doing great, I’m not completely sure yet where I want to go with my blog. I feel that I’m losing interest in writing and want to focus on other things in my life. But I felt like this last January as well. No matter what, I hope you stick around :)

With love,