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I’m a sucker for holiday traditions, so even though it is a mindfuck to see that there’s already a lot of Christmas decoration in Copenhagen (oh-no-you-didnt just do that before Sinterklaas) I welcome every other tradition that comes with it!

So when I heard about “J-dag” I was half intrigued and half mortified. On J-dag the Danes celebrate the launch of the Christmas beer . So 1. there is something like Christmas beer, more than a “WTF!” I can’t even say.. 2. there is a special day to honour it.. (oh, those Danes..) 3. to make it even funnier, there is also a P-dag – where the easter (påske) beer is being released and honoured.

Ofcourse it’s nothing more than a marketing tool for the mighty Carlsberg to sell more of their Christmas beer (which is a darker ale that is supposed to be a better combo with all Christmas food), but it’s still a pretty fun occasion! Trucks filled with Santa’s helpers and beer drive through the city and at exactly 20:59 they will enter all the bars while Jingle Bells is being played to give away some free beer and Christmas goodies. CUTE!

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