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Girl Crush: Jeanette Lai Thomas


Howdy cowboys,

I’m writing a long blog to update you guys about my current life (since the blog has been on a sleeping month for the past weeks). But for now I wanted to share you my latest girl crush!

Pretty much everything about this girl is awesome!! First of all, it’s all in the name. Second of all, from what I could find about her online she was born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong. I feel an immediate connection with her, since my roots are in those two countries. She lived across the globe to follow her husband around (who works at Nike) and she lived in Amsterdam (!) for a while where she found that her true passion is jewelry. So she started her own jewelry company Moratorium Studios. Her style is quite similar to mine, a bit of tomboy, jeans, t-shirt and a good pair of high heels or boots when she rides her motor. She doesn’t go for hypes, but makes jewelry that is more timeless and symmetric. I’d almost like to say, that she is the cooler version of me 😉








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With love,

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