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PatéPaté: Slagterboderne 1


PatéPaté is located in the hip and happening meatpacking district. You can visit the place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for a nice glass of wine at any time of the day. They serve food inspired from France, Spain and Morocco and overall it is a really laid-back restaurant with good food. The restaurant turns into a bar at night, but unlike most other places in the meatpacking district, there is more life performance than canned beer, so you don’t have to expect any drunk 16 year olds.

I visited the restaurant a couple of months ago (shame on me, to only blog about it now) and was really impressed how cosy the place is without being pretentious. While I love myself some Danish Design and Scandinavian minimalism, sometimes I just want a no-nonsense place with good wine and amazing food and PatéPaté is a place like that. Price wise you get a good deal, with main courses around 25 euro, but almost more importantly it is a place where you can sit for hours with friends and philosophize about life.

Seeing these pictures, I really mis Summer, and being able to make pictures without flash at 8/9 in the evening.

As always, don’t forget to make a reservation, but if you don’t manage to find a table PatéPaté is part of a “chain” (see: website). They also have a couple of really cosy wine bars, I can also highly recommend Bibendum at Nansensgade!










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City Guide: Copenhagen – Where to Go

CopenhagenwhereSpring and Summer are on their way and Copenhagen is AWESOME during this period! I know a lot of you want to visit the city (please do, you’ll love it!), so why not a city guide of my favorite places :) I probably will update this post whenever I come up with or find something new and cute. So when you are planning a visit to Copenhagen, bookmark this post!

Copenhagen is divided in several districts and every district has its own attitude and atmosphere. The following are the districts I visit most often: the inner city (Indrye Be or København K) hosts several tourist attractions and the main shopping street. Vesterbro (København V) is the “hipster” part of the city, where you can find the meat-packing district. Nørrebro (København N) is the multicultural district, there are heaps of cute cafees and it’s close to the lakes. Frederiksberg is a city within Copenhagen, they even have their own tax rules.

While I wanted to write only one blog, there’s so much to do and to see in Copenhagen. So this will be the first out of three post. Find Copenhagen – Where to Eat here and Copenhagen – Where to Shop here


Torvehallerne, Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København K, website

My all-time favorite place to go on a sunny afternoon (or even when it’s minus 5 degrees..). It’s a market place with a bunch of local or organic speciality and delicacy stalls. Most of the things are rather expensive, but as a foodie I love just to absorb all the great ingredients and usually there’s also a lot to sample. In the summer there’s a great little square in between the two buildings, with among others a cava bar where you can also get some delicious oysters! Don’t forget to try the French duck sandwich, the humongous Danish fiskfrikadeller or some delicious Spanish tapas.

Here you can find a blog I wrote about Torvehallerne last year.


Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, website

Tivoli is an amusement park in the middle of the city, next to the central station. For me personally, it’s Copenhagen in a nutshell: not too big, but gorgeous in every aspect. For the Dutchies: it’s like the luxurious version of “de Efteling”. There are a bunch of exciting attractions, but there’s also a Michelin awarded restaurant. The entrance fee is 95 kr (12.50 euro), but you have to pay an additional fee (25 – 75 kr per ride) when you want to ride the attractions: this is a great option for those who only want to experience all the cool stuff from ground level. A multi-ride ticket cost 199 kr (25 euro). During the summer there is a concert every Friday, you can find the program here.


Kødbyen, Flæsketorvet 79, 1711 København V, website

Kødbyen (meat-packing district) is another place where you can find me almost an a daily basis. During the day-time it is a place where all restaurant owners do their groceries (hence the name meat-packing district), but at night it transforms into a nice place with a lot of good restaurants and cosy bars. If you want to take it more to the extreme, you could join me to Butcher’s Lab for a Crossfit work-out!


Christiania, Bådsmandsstræde 43, 1407 København K, website

Christiania might be the hardest place to explain. It is Disney land for adults, a free state within Copenhagen where you can find weed and hash. While I’m not interested in the latter, I think that it is such an intriguing place to be and to see. It remembers me to a modern Woodstock, where hippies still control the district. Everything is free and flowing, but most of all beautiful.


I always have mixed feelings regarding the real tourist attractions, one the one hand I feel obliged having seen it all, but on the other hand do you really wanna be in all those overcrowded places?! Anyway, a tour over the canals can be a good compromise! The boat drops by all the important places (a.o. nyhavn, the little mermaid and the opera house) and you can hop on and off at most of them. It’s a great way to explore Copenhagen, especially when the weather is nice!

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gl. Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk, website

Last, but not least: Louisiana. If you are in Copenhagen for a longer visit, I can really recommend the museum of modern art. It is about an hour away from the city, but it’s one of the prettiest museums I have ever visited. The museum’s permanent collection includes more than 3000 works and is one of the largest in Scandinavia. It takes its point of departure in the period after 1945 including artists like Picasso, Giacometti, Dubuffet, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol, Rauschenberg, Henry Moore, Louise

This was it for now, please stay in tune for some posts about where to shop and where to eat! If you have any questions regarding a visit to Copenhagen, you can always write me a comment or e-mail.

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Crossfit Challenge Update

So it’s about a month ago since I posted about my journey through the city.. And I can hereby declare I survived a month of Crossfit! Over the last 4 weeks I have been to Crossfit 18 times (and to compensate the 2 missing times I ran 2 times 5K) and you know what?! Working out is fun!

I am still at the slowest side of the spectrum, there’s an occacional good day where I actually pass somebody else when we have to run – but with a big emphasize on “occasional”.. And I am also still one of the lightweights when there is weight lifting involved. BUT I like it: I finish every work-out of the day and even though I do compare myself sometimes with other people’s achievements (which obviously has no point in dingo at all..) I can feel the difference compared to the me from 4 weeks ago!

I renewed my subscription, since I started with a one month test subscription, and I’m planning to go a more reasonable 4 times a week. Tell me about your work-out regime, did you tried to change it over the Summer?

With love,

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Oh, oh Den Haag – Mooie Stad Achter de Duinen…

This morning I went to the 7 o’clock Crossfit class at Butcher’s Lab, so I can chill and enjoy the sun after work later today. When I was just about to leave again, I found this beauty standing with all its charm next to my bike. I sadly wished I had a criminal master-mind somewhere hiding inside of me and just bring this bike with me, but no – more than making a picture I didn’t do…

But how amazing is this Den Haag bike! I really wonder how it ended up here in Copenhagen and I kinda really really really want to have it!

With love,

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Sneaker Banquet

Yesterday the weather was unexpected nice! So after I saw on facebook that the Sneaker Banquet was actually yesterday, I decided to meet up with the boyfriend in Kødbyen and see what they were offering..

There were about 5 stands, most of them of shops (Rezet, Streetmachine, Wood Wood to name some) and their owners private collection. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the sneakers. A lot was used stuff and there were no small sizes at all.. I still have to get used to that Copenhagen is really trend sensitive and most of the guys and girls here only wear Nike Free and New Balance (and I absolutely have nothing with New Balance..) and that also reflected with what was available. However, the boyfriend found a nice new pair of Nike SB Stefan Janoski with almost 70% discount!

After strolling around we decided to just enjoy the good music (loads of old school hip hop), cheap beers (they only costed 10 kroner = 1.30 eur) and the sunshine on some bench in the middle of the event. All in all, I had a crazy good afternoon. Because of unexpected days like this I really fall in love with Copenhagen more and more!!

With love,

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