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New in: Essie Lilacism & Essie Sand Tropez


Nailpolish might be my one and only guilty pleasure. Even though my nails disagree (read: they are dry and damaged), but a bit of color pops up every outfit and they kinda help my 12-year old hands to look like they are actually attached to an adult.

I’ve always been an O.P.I. kind of girl, since as soon as the first spring sunbeam hits the city I love to pop some bright and happy (preferably neon) color on my nails. However, lately I actually find that pastel colors match better with a tanned skin and after reading Annemerel raving about Essie’s Lilacism I biked to the nearest department store. I never gave Essie too much attention (besides “Mademoiselle” which is my all time favorite pink/nude color) because their colors where so safe and humble. But I fell in love with the nude Sand Tropez and bought this together with Lilacism.


On my ring-finger you see Essie’s Apple Mint Candy. I love the purple color and it really compliments my tanned skin tone. Essie’s nail polish, in combination with Orly’s rubberized basecoat and my favorite topcoat by Out the Door, easily stay on my nails without any chips for about a week.

With love,

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