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Moving Abroad – Week 1

After a rather emotional goodbye (yes, including the so-called ugly cry – we’ve all been there) at the airport, I packed my stuff and moved myself and 50% of my shoes to Copenhagen, Denmark. To be with the love of my life, learn the language (jeg kan tale lidt dank nu), work (ergo: pay taxes), and just to experience something new.

And something new it has been everyday! The day after my arrival I started at my new job, which is pretty awesome and only a ten minute bike ride from my new apartment. I have experienced the well known Ikea depression (going in happy as a kid, going out as a depressed one who just lost his prozac subscription) and encountered the shock after hearing the total amount at the supermarket. I got my social security number after waiting 2 hours – which also means FREE LANGUAGE courses (which will be paid by the local commune), opened a bank account (which of course also is way more bureaucratic than necessary), and just enjoyed everyday how beautiful this city is!

One thing I definitely have to get used to are the working hours in this country. While I’m perfectly fine that I can stop working around 16.00, it freaks me out that e.g. banks also stop working at 16.00. And to make things worse, shops close at 14.00 on Saturdays.. But ahh, everything is relative: no shopping equals more saving equals more travelling with the boyfriend!

But keep your ass moving over to this blog, where I will post more about living in a new country, learning a new language (det er ikke svært), new music I found (or old music I miss), the food I force the boyfriend to eat (yes, I totally admit I’m a feeder), pictures of random stuff.. Basically everything you live for 😉

Keep in mind that my beloved MacBook Air is currently unfortunately in repair (stupid water should never come close to any technical device) but I will try to post on a frequent basis (even if it’s only gonna be my mom and/or sister who will read this).

For now, my daily view:

With love,

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