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Nike Marathontest 1


So for the last couple of weeks, I have felt as if I would never recover from the whole December period. I was running slow, extremely slow (asin, walking might have been faster). I couldn’t take any more than 35 kilo’s on the barbell at crossfit (where the barbell itself is already 25, so really I could only add 10 kilo’s). And on top of it, I just found/find it hard to get back into the whole rhythm of exercising regularly.

So when I realized that I had a 10K run on the calendar, I kinda went for the whole “just-finish” attitude. Last September I ran my first 10K in 1:08:29 and my 2nd 10K in October I ran in 1:09:12. So I thought, anywhere close to 1:10:00 would be a done deal for me.

So yesterday, I went up to Østerbro to run the Nike Marathontest 1 and the first 2K where HORRIBLE. People everywhere (I thought no more than a couple of dozen would have signed up for the run, to find out that more than 2500 runners where on track..), balloons everywhere (and I have a definite love/hate relation with those darn balloons), I couldn’t find my own pace, and I just kept thinking “oh my god, this is only 10-20% of what I have to run in total and I already feel miserable”. But as soon the runners spreaded, I found my own pace, and most of the balloons left me (or at least I found one group where I could stay in front of the balloons), I could finally got into the mood for it.

I ended up finishing in 1:04:50, which for most runners is still a horrible time, but for me it was fantastic! It is more than 4 minutes faster than my last 10K and it was just a welcoming surprise after one month of feeling in the worst condition ever!

Ps. I’m in LOVE with my new Nike Swift tights from S for Sneakers!

With love,

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