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Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me


Hello blogosphere!

It has been a bit quiet here, but I have had a crazy couple of weeks! I had my final exam for my Danish education this week and last Thursday was my 26th birthday. It might be the first year that I thought “hmm, I’m getting old..” I had a great day though! My sister and brother from another mother came to visit me in Copenhagen and we spend the day in Tivoli (amusement park). We had the best weather and we literally took a nap in the afternoon sun. We finished our night with a 12 course dinner and some fantastic wine, I will post some of the food pictures later this week.


I love to celebrate my birthday, because I love presents 😎 These are all the wonderful gifts I received so far. My mom gave me the cutest birthday outfit from Zara and my dad gave me a Canon pancake lens (review is on its way) and some Mac brushes (haha, can you imagine this 60+ dad in a Mac store, totally lost in eyeshadow and blush). On days like this, I really miss hanging out with my parents. Obviously, I also had a (mini) period of being a rebel when I was younger. But these days I really enjoy being in their company, shopping with my mom or driving somewhere with my dad. So thanks lovely parents for being awesome!

My sister gifted me a new hairdryer, now there’s really no excuse to get some more volume in my hair. While I love make-up, I normally think my hair is just a burden. So for this summer, I’m really planning to (at least) try to blow dry my hair a bit more into shape!

The Nike short and Mac blush (from the in extra dimension collection) where little gifts to myself 😎


My sister and brother-from-another-mother also gave me this mug from Starbucks, so I will never forget where I came from 😉


Isn’t it a beauty? It is a blush and highlighter in one, with a consistency between liquid and powder. Normally I don’t really like glitter on my face and my every-day make-up is as matte as possible, but I definitely like this product on a tanned skin!


These were the brushes my dad picked out for me, my goal is to own all Mac brush (okay not all, but most) out there.


And last, but certainly not least, the boyfriend surprised me with some nice sneakers! These fly-knits are extremely comfortable, but so pretty that I actually don’t even want to use them to run in! They will match great with some summer skirts and dresses or even a boyfriend jeans.

With love,
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Shoerack FTW


I finally have pretty much all my shoes in Copenhagen! It took them a while to be moved.. When I just moved here, I bought one Billy at Ikea, but it was already too cramp to begin with. Last weekend I bought two more and now the collection is complete. I get so excited and relaxed at the same time when looking at my shoes 😎

With love,

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(Christmas) Goodies

photo (1)

I got sooo many great gifts for Christmas, I really got spoiled!! I think it’s one of the most fun things to find the perfect gifts to my loved ones and already start “planning” gifts medio October! You will never find me during the last weekend before Christmas buying gifts, I hate crowds and I hate the feeling of stress.. But anyways, here are some (yeah not even all, I got so many nice things from my loved ones!) of the things I got and bought during the Christmas period!


Mac Cosmetics brushes always make me a happy gawl!! I kinda wanna have all of their brushes // The Mason Pearson brush has been on my wish list for literally YEARS! // How awesome is this make-up beautycase by Make Up Studio?! // I bought these Sorel boots myself, haha they are ugly as hell, BUT in snowy Copenhagen they are perfect


I also got some Line & Jo goodies, how cute is their packaging! // While shopping in Rotterdam, I of course visited Lush! Every year they have a Lush Legends box, with all their best-sold products, it is one of those “have-always-wanted-never-dared-to-buy things”, but when the boyfriend saw it was with a 50% discount, he surprised me with it <3
photo (2)

I am and always will be a Nike girl // One of my friends remembered that I missed having board games, so she surprised me with Monopoly! // The ring is by Line & Jo, I love how petite it is, since my hands are like claws it nicely compensate for that.

With love,

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Girls Only by Girls Love 2 Run and Nike

After getting my hair done last Wednesday, my sister and I took the train to head over to Amsterdam. Even though the weather was amazing when we where inside the hairdresser it got quite cloudy and thundery when we left the place.

But more important matters where calling, so I forced my sister to join me to the Vondelpark. The girls from Girls Love 2 Run and Nike organized a girls only run. Even though I went to Crossfit 3 times during my holiday (I deserve some kudos for that..) I missed running a bit and it was amazing to run together with about 50 other girls through Amsterdam’s most famous park!

We got a shirt and some shoes to try on (and YES, the new lunarglides 4 are AMAZING! I own the 3rd version and I didnt really expected any big differences. But they actually make running a bit more comfortable – haha, however knowing my own pace it definitely didn’t make me faster) and went for a little 3.5K run and some bootcamp excercises!

There actually is a really cool exhibition, The Romance of Running, where you can try the new Lunarglides yourself (google maps Vertigo, Amsterdam and you’ll find it!). The exhibition covers the stories of famous Dutchies and their running experiences together with an artist and it’s definitely worth a visit! Check Nike Running Nederland’s facebook for more information about it!

A big fat thanks to the girls from Girls Love 2 Run for organizing this event and I can’t wait for these kinds of events in Copenhagen!!

With love,

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Gadefest (Streetparty) – Kronprinsensgade

Jacket – Vintage || Sweater – H&M || Skirt – American Apparel || Shoes – Nike

After a great (Vietnamese) dinner in Vesterbro with the boyfriend yesterday, we walked home and bumbed into the yearly Kronprinsensgade Streetparty. We ended up buying some beers and sit on the (for the occasion “planted”) grass and enjoyed the music

I’m flying back to the Netherlands now (haha, yeah I end up going back almost every month!) and I promise you to post the pictures of the fashion shows when I’m home with the parents!

With love,

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