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O.P.I. – Man With The Golden Gun Topcoat

First of all, sorry for the lack of posting. I have been sick for the better part of last week (darn you Fall weather!) and besides Kulturnatten (a night where Copenhagen and all of its cultural institutions are open), a couple of sample sales and watching series my life hasn’t really been that excited! But okay, this week (actually, I think today is the exact date) the new O.P.I Skyfall 007 (James Bond) limited edition got released.

Even though my mom and sister send me a survival package last week filled with goodies (among others these amazing Essie nailpolishes) and I kinda thought I was really content with my nail polish stash (perhaps I’ll make a pictures of them soon), I couldn’t resist to pursue the Man with the Golden Gun Topcoat! Luckily the boyfriend stayed home for the day and I could convince him to head over to the department store Magasin and buy the last bottle!!

Sorry for the insane difference in quality in the above pictures, I made them after dinner and the lighting in my apartment is not really thaaaat efficient. The Man with the Golden Gun Topcoat sure is a special topcoat: it is filled with flakes of 18 carat gold!! More luxurious than that you won’t find it! I’m wearing it on top of my new Orly Bonder Top (which I’m pretty content about! Who knows, a review might follow) and Essie’s “Bordeaux”. It spreads easy on the nails, but you might need more than one layer to get a cosy amount of gold on them! I’m so in love with it! So rush out of the door and get yourself a bottle too for 295 kroner/39.95 euro!

With love,

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O.P.I. Holland Collection

Since the opening of Sephora I have been there at least once a week. I have been a tad disappointed with the level of (or rather lack of..) service at the shop compared to the shops in Paris and Asia, but nevertheless it is still pretty amazing!

Sometimes I leave empty handed but on better days I don’t! I bought these pretty little fellows the other day and they come from the Holland collection (how appropriate!). The gray/blue/glitter is called “I don’t give a Rotterdam” and the AMAZING bright orange color is called “A roll in the Hague”. I’m not gonna lie to you, I just bought the colors based on the names: I studied seven years in Rotterdam and the Hague is my hometown. So why not some recognition in the form of nail polish!

With love,

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