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First of all, why this picture? That’s the nicest that came out of our little shoot, that pretty much sums up everything in how good we are in holiday pictures 😎 Even though I love blogging, I find it sooo hard to take pictures on holidays. First of all, my DSLR is just plain ass heavy and me being Asian with the camera around my neck looks just too Asian. However, I made some fun pictures of our trip to Samsø.

The parents-in-law invited us for a long weekend on the Danish island Samsø. Besides knowing that they’re famous for their potatoes, I didn’t knew anything about the island, so I was really looking forward to explore more of Denmark!


When we arrived after an 4 hour trip (including a boat trip) we were surprised with a cake as belated birthday party for the boyfriend! In Denmark it is custom to place the Danish flag about anywhere when celebrating a birthday.


And I was reunited with the 2nd biggest love of my life: Louis the Beagle.


Danish islands are so cute and credent. All over the island you could find these little huts where you could buy strawberries, potatoes, beans etc and you were just trusted to pay in the little piggy bank. This would definitely never work in the city.


Long walks with the dog <3


Even though the island only has about 3900 inhabitants and is only 114,26 km² they are famous for their potatoes and also have their own beers and even wine!


But besides all the food, the island also has some beautiful views and beaches. Unfortunately we didn’t have the best weather most of the weekend, but the last day we were really lucky with some sun, so we could explore the island a bit more.




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