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Wishlist: Rains

RAINS – Escape From the City from RAINS on Vimeo.

While I’m really hoping that we will be blessed with just one more warm week (or at least warm enough to take a dip in the harbor), I’m also looking forward to a new fall wardrobe. Top on my wish list is a poncho by RAINS. I don’t do umbrella’s, I don’t even own one and I don’t even mind to get wet that much when it rains. However, my make-up and clothing definitely disagree with this mindset and a raincoat would come in handy.

RAINS is a Danish company that creates a modern version of the classic quality raincoat and while a 100 euro (699 DKK) isn’t (in my opinion) exactly cheap, it will be cheaper than buying a new umbrella every time you lost one.


This is (for now) my favorite one, so nobody can miss me in the rain 😉

With love,

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