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Copenhagen Cooking


As you could read yesterday, I love food. And Copenhagen is one of the best culinary cities to live in. Why you ask me? There are some amazing restaurants in the city and heaps of culinary events throughout the year.

From the 23rd of August till the 1st September Copenhagen Cooking is back in town, so this means 2 weeks of amazing events. Some take place in restaurants and other are arranged outside in a more food fair style. There are two events that I’m most looking forward to:


Singapore Street Food Festival

As you might know, my dad was born and raised in Singapore and moved to Holland when he was 21 years old. While he could handle the climate change, he always missed (and still misses) the Singaporean hawker centre street food. If you have ever been to Singapore, you know that even for us Westerners you can easily buy food in Singapore from the street without getting sick (I wouldn’t advice to do this in any other Asian country, unless you have a strong stomach). So while my dad makes Singaporean food when he feels homesick (or whenever I ask him to), I actually miss my dad’s food a lot since I moved to Copenhagen. Singaporean food remembers me a lot to “home” and even when I actually lived in Singapore, I could eat a bowl of laksa (see picture, must be my favorite dish) to get rid of any feelings of homesickness. So you can imagine how THRILLED I am for the Singapore Street Food Festival in the hipster district Vesterbro. I might be the hardest judge, but I’m really looking forward to eat a bite of home!


Nordic Taste

Another event I am looking forward to is Nordic Taste, during this event several different restaurants, hotels, but also farmers are presenting a small plate of pure heaven. You can buy a 10-dishes clip card and try out everything that looks interesting. I went to this event last year to and while the crowd are mostly consisting of pensionista’s I really enjoyed myself with the food and a glass of wine.

Are there any events you will be joining?

With love,

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