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The best thing about home-made food, besides that it’s made with love, is that you can put as much of everything you love on it! I think it’s the worst feeling, when you for example are at Subways and you see how “cheap” the sandwich maker is with everything I like: so yes more cucumber, more lettuce, and more meat please 😎

This is how a supersized popiah looks, it’s a fresh springroll with heaps of veggies and spicy pepper 😀 I think I ate at least 7 of them in 2 days.. Luckily, I also did some Crossfit in Amsterdam to compensate for it..

With love,

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Nam nam – Vesterbrogade 39

When your expectations are too high, you more or less can only be disappointed. I definitely felt like that after I finally visited the Singaporean restaurant nam nam here in Copenhagen. As you could read here, I was more than excited to try this restaurant out, to find a home away from home!

I would like to begin with: I do recommend this restaurant a 100% – Singaporean food is exciting, delicious and just something new. Away from all the standard Asian food available in Copenhagen (we all know by now, how a Thai red curry of a Vietnamese Pho Bo tastes likes). But for me personally, it definitely can not replace my dad’s soulfood (which is pure heaven!) and perhaps that also shouldn’t have been the mind-set to try it out with..

The interior, which I unfortunately haven’t made a picture of because the odour coming out of the kitchen reminded me soo much of home that I just got a bit too unfocused to make pictures of lamps and chairs, is a mixture between a Singaporean hawker center (street kitchen) and the minimalistic Danish design. It reminded me a bit of the madklubben concept, where the tables are located rather close to each other. Perhaps even too close? Our neighbors requested to be changed because they had a bad acoustic – I am pretty sure it was because I ordered a chilly crab and all you can do with that is just suck the meat out and yes I can totally admit that is not the nicest sound to listen to…

But now, the most important thing: the food. We ordered a Pohpia, Laksa, Chilly crab and free range porc bbq. The pohpia (Singaporean version of the raw, but warm, spring roll) was actually the dish I looked most forward to and unfortunately this one was sold out (story of my life). But in the end 2 small dishes and one larger dish was fine for two!

NYONYA LAKSA: Shellfish based spicy, aromatic soup finished off with coconut milk. The soup has its name from the scented laksa leaves that is added before serving with crispy bean sprouts, finely chopped vegetables, noodles and freshly peeled raw coldwater shrimps

I shall start with one of my favorite Singaporean dishes: Laksa. It is a spicy, coco creamy noodle soup which could be seen as Singaporean comfort food. At nam nam this was the dish that actually disappointed me the most (although the less biased boyfriend loved it, so taste is on the tongue of the beholder). I found it too lemony and not enough creamy, the noodles were all broken (this definitely is a picky comment, I am completely aware of that), and there were a lot of traditional things missing such as fish cake, cockles and tofu. But it is still one of my favorite dishes and even though I am extremely critical it was an okay dish to try.

SINGAPORE CHILI CRABS: Stir-fried crab with plenty of chili, garlic, ginger, tomato, egg and huge amounts of fresh herbs

This dish isn’t as chili as the name would suggest, so it is perfect for the average Dane to try. It is a nice, almost softshell crab and especially the smell is delicious! It might be a bit unsexy trying to devour the crab meat, but it will be rewarding.

CHAR SIU FREE RANGE PORC BBQ: Slowly marinated breast of free range pork with an abundance of aromatic chinese spices, spring onions, honey and barley malt syrup, Acar pickles and steamed bread. Served with a side dish of your choice

Since moving to Denmark, I quadrupled my intake of pork meat. And the Char Siu was no exception. The meat was was perfectly prepared and seasoned, the meat was tasty and for anybody who doesn’t discriminates against any kind of meat it is worth ordering.

I am definitely planning to go back to Nam nam, just because I HAVE TO try out their Pohpia and to be honest I just want to try everything out on their menu! They have a shared menu, which costs 650 kroner p/p (less than 100 euro), and they will feed you 10 to 12 dishes. So yes, that’s a must try!

With love,

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