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Ida Davidsen – Store Kongensgade 70


The draft-box is filled with pictures without stories of amazing restaurants that I have been visiting over the last couple of months. I do appreciate my eating out way too much, if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen hard proof of that.


These pictures, even though there are only a couple, have been waiting a while for some additional words. Ida Davidson is known for her traditional Smørrebrød and I have passed by her restaurant a good bunch of times, without ever going in. Somehow the restaurant is not really appealing from the outside and on top of that, they are closed in the weekend. However, when my sister and brother from another mother were in town I wanted to show them some traditional food.


And we all LOVED the food, the place is nothing fancy. It sure is cosy, but it is a place where you go for the food. Under this pile of heavenly steak tartar is a piece of rybread hidden and all the ingredient are fresh and tasty. When you enter the restaurant, you’re being welcomed by a whole counter filled with different kinds of smørrebrød (which thinking of it, I should have made a picture of).


I honestly get hungry again from seeing these pictures. Ida Davidson is a great recommendation if you want to try some traditional Danish food, only minor critique is that the place is pretty expensive. The dishes are somewhere between 10 and 20 euro’s, so with a big group (or your lover) it can be an expensive lunch! However, when in Rome, do as the Romans do…

With love,

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Aamanns – Øster Farimagsgade 12


Shame on me: I have been living here for a year now and I’ve only recently tried the traditional Danish traditional smørrebrød! But I make my first times exquisite (that’s what she said) and I went to Aamanns to try the real deal! Aamanns is known for their Smørrebrød lunch menu’s, but actually also serve dinner. They recently opened a branch in the hipster area of New York (TriBeCa).

First I want to start saying with: the food is amazing. If you ever visit Copenhagen, Aamanns is definitely worth the visit! BUT, I would say it is on the more pricey range of the spectrum. Luckily, I visited them during Copenhagen Dining Week. Where I got 3 different kinds of haring, a lunch menu and dessert for 200 kr (25 euro). It is probably the smaller version of everything, but just to say in perspective: the normal lunch menu costs 275 kr (35 euro), which is in my opinion a big chunk out of your wallet, especially “just” for lunch. But you’re not here to discuss budgets, so lets talk some food!


The restaurant is located in Copenhagen Østerbro, which is a cute district where a lot of families with kids live. The kids part makes me not go there too often, but it is really “hyggeligt” (gezellig/cosy) and has a lot of nice boutiques. The restaurant itself is also cute and designed according the Danish Feng Shui: so minimalistic, with small tables close to each other. You better get used to the latter, since most Danish restaurants cram as many tables as possible on a square meter.


Not only the smørrebrød was a first timer, it was also the first time I tried Schnapps. And this was a hard one to ever outdo! It was a schnapps made of apple and some kind of wheat and it actually tasted delicious! I still don’t really understand why you want to drink hard liquor together with lunch. But as they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. While I normally don’t prefer the Danish haring, the haring served at Aamanns is amazing! It doesn’t has that sweet and sour, silty taste it normally has. But it’s a lot closer to fresh haring, which combines great with rye bread!


And this tartar is TO DO FOR! I would just come back for this dish only.. It is fresh, has great flavour and the bread to comes with it is YUM! Carbs and meat, what more can a girl wish for 😎


The Aamanns lunch comes with a lot of traditional ryebread (or sourdough) toppings, we got some with chicken, a fishy thing and cheese. Their menu is a great way to try a lot of different Danish food and to just have a cosy afternoon.


We ended our lunch with this amazing desert of caramelized milkchocolatmouse with lime and nuts. And yes, it tasted as good as the name sounds!

Aamanns is a definite recommendation for those living here of planning to visit Copenhagen. I would definite say go all in, try the schnapps with a local beer. Don’t cram a visit too tight, the food is really too good to just rush eating!

With love,

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