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Pastis – Oude Molstraat 57 (the Hague)


First of all, sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures (blame it on the red wine). I only realized, when I checked the pictures at home, how unclear and dark they are (and I’m to lazy to edit them). But anyways, I still want to share them with you!

Whenever I’m back in the Netherlands, I tend to go to the same restaurants over and over again. While here in Copenhagen, as a “newbie” in town, I make a real effort of finding cute and cosy restaurants. So during the Easter holiday I was really determined to find something cute in the Hague too!

And boy did I succeed! Pastis is a cute French dinner, in the same street as ‘t Hof van Eten (told you that the Hofkwartier district was awesome!). Initially I couldn’t find the place and walked passed it, thinking “hmm, here I have to go a next time” to find out that it was actually the place I made a reservation for!


Everything in the restaurant, from menu till interior is Paris based and it definitely feels like a holiday within a holiday! The boyfriend ordered a Steak frites sauce Béarnaise ou beurre maître d’hôtel and it was like how the French meant it to be! Juicy with a no-nonsense attitude.


I ordered a steak tartare «spécialité maison» frites et salade verte and what is better than a piece of steak? Raw pieces of steak! Everything came already seasoned, but for the spice lovers it came with some tabasco and worcestershire sauce. The fries and mayo are also TO DIE FOR.


I’m always a bit afraid when you order a bottle of wine, without looking at the wine card. Not because I have such a great knowledge about wine (I’m pretty much a “I like it/I don’t like it” kind of girl), but more because you don’t wanna end up spending 50% of the final bill on the wine. Luckily most bottles at Pastis cost around 20-30 euro and they are pretty decent too!

This is definitely my favorite restaurant in the Hague and I can’t wait to try out their mussels too!

With love,

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‘t Hof van Eten – Oude Molstraat 30D (the Hague)


During Easter break I visited my family and friend in the Netherlands again. One of the perks of travelling back to the Netherlands is that going out for lunch/dinner is a lot cheaper there than here in Copenhagen!

I visited ‘t Hof van Eten in the “hofkwartier” district of the Hague. This is one of the cuter districts in the Hague’s inner city with a lot of really nice and more exclusive shops and restaurants.

The restaurant is known for their price winning sandwiches and I can tell you they are darn good!


This piece of heaven came with chorizo, manchego, Spanish paprika-garlic chutney and cappers.


The pictures make me hungry again! This sandwich was topped with smoked rib-eye, spinach, boiled egg, green aspurges, cherry tomato’s and a tomato-sambal dressing.

While you might expect an above mentioned sandwich won’t be cheap, but it’s really not too bad. All price winning sandwiches are less than 7 euro’s.

What is your favorite lunchplace?

With love,

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Holland bound

Perhaps the best thing of living abroad, is when you come back “home” (I’m not really sure anymore what to call home these days..) everybody will make time to meet you and share a bottle or a meal! I’m holland bound at the moment and I have enjoyed the great weather (it always seems to be slightly warmer here than back in my new home), cheaper clothing and food, my family and friends and of course bitterballen (a definite must try if you ever go to the Netherlands). But I can’t wait to hop back on my bike and enjoy Copenhagen some more!

With love,

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